The sting of spring

Minnesota politicians are dumbfounded. Why wouldn’t the execs of Delta Airlines want to locate their headquarters in Minnesota? Today’s forecast for Atlanta? 79 with a late-day thunderstorm.

In the Strib today, a columnist remembers former Minnesota Twin pitcher Joe Mays, who — given the choice of anywhere to live — chose to move the family to Minnesota. How’d that work out, Joe?

We gave it a shot, but we can’t handle it,” Mays said. “Back to Bradenton [Fla.] at the end of summer. We’re done.”

In Pelican Rapids today, they’ve got 18 inches of snow on the ground and, no doubt, dozens of suicidal pelicans about town. In Duluth, it’s freezing fog.

Wouldn’t mind seeing pictures of the weather out your window — or your winter trip to the Caribbean. Your choice.


Yeah, Dave Jungst of Morris, you pushed the season:


In Pelican Rapids, according to this picture from Jim Christianson, a bird waits its turn near a feeder. I guess the pelicans get to go first. And what’s the deal with the shovel? They don’t put snow shovels away in Pelican Rapids until July.


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Another one from Dave in Morris. Seriously. April 26th.


The view outside Paul Weimer’s apartment in Circle Pines. I can’t quite decide whether a lot of snow near May is less depressing than the “spittle” we get in the Twin Cities.


  • Sorry Bob, the pelicans have not yet arrived in Pelican Rapids. Birds that have are lined up at feeders now the ground is under a heavy blanket of eighteen inches of snow. The pecking order rules.

  • Spring on South Bass Island, OH:

    It’s been a great year for tulips and daffodils. Usually our tulips gestate all year and spring forth only to be cut down by frost the very next day. This year has been particularly friendly to them.

  • Bob Collins

    I read your post last night, Dave. Wonderful images and writing as always. Looks like Ohio is a couple of weeks ahead of Minnesota, although I did see a picture in the Star Tribune of forsythia in full bloom. Mine has exactly one flower on it so perhaps the east side of the St. Paul metro is behind everyone, too.

    I planted the garden anyway yesterday, though. Split and replanted some perennials. I’m raging against the (weather) machine.

  • For whatever it’s worth, we got snoe this morning.

    I’d always heard that you get one more snow after the forsythia bloom, but this year I thought would prove to be an exception.