The Olympic spirit


The Olympic torch relay isn’t going well. Here’s a Webcam shot of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco where protesters have scaled the bridge, to oppose China’s crackdown in Tibet. Another webcam of the bridge is here, and here.

The torch isn’t due in San Francisco until Wednesday, but it’s getting a rude reception on its journey. Its trip through Paris was cut short by protests today. And it was extinguished for a time.

  • Dont these protesters have jobs or anything better to do?

  • Bob Collins

    Funny you should mention it. Nikki Tundel and I were talking about this this afternoon. Given all of the problem facing the world, and acknowledging the seriousness of the Tibet situation, I remain somewhat confused on why it’s Tibet that propels one to scale the cable of a suspension bridge in San Francisco, and not some other cause.

  • Bob, it’s simply a question of logistics.

    ‘Free Tibet’ is short and light, being only nine letters and a space.

    ‘No Blood For Oil’ is a bit weightier, coming in at thirteen letters and three spaces.

    ‘War is not the answer’ tips the scales at seventeen letters and four spaces.

    ‘Bush lied, people died’ is even bulkier, at 18 letters, three spaces, and the always difficult comma.

    It’s all in the math, I figure.