The naked truth?

Temple Restaurant in Minneapolis has closed, according to WCCO TV. Most of you have never heard of it because if you had, the theory goes, it wouldn’t be closed.

The closing is being blamed on higher food costs, the lack of other eateries, and the lousy economy.

Isn’t it possible, though, that if you have to resort to offering the opportunities for customers to eat sushi off naked women, that maybe there’s another problem?

  • If you check out reviews it could have closed because it was over priced and not that good.

    Start tribune from about 1 year ago.

  • Andy

    Darn-it! I won a $50 gift certificate a few months ago for Temple and I’ll never get to use it now. Let me see, I had $50 to blow there and I still didn’t go – maybe that says something as well.

  • I bet you could use it at Azia, which has a really nice happy hour, and tends to be much more loved than Temple was.

  • Dave Sours

    Or maybe even at Thanh Do, which is owned by the same guy, but is run by his sisters. It’s a much friendlier, less pretentious and more affordable place than Azia, and the food is better.