The Ectomobile in Minnesota


Why didn’t someone tell me the Ectomobile was parked at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield yesterday?

The Ectomobile, as you may know, was the vehicle of choice in Ghostbusters, and apparently Vivendi has built one to promote a coming video game, I guess. Find a ton of pictures, here.

Here’s the thing, though. Apparently the “community” of Ghostbusters fans has more than a few people who have built their own… sort of.

Like I needed something else to scare me. Help us, Mr. Stay Puft man!

(H/T: Michael Wells)

  • Maybe not the exact same one, but a similar one showed up in the Art Car parade.

  • Brady

    Needless to say, when I looked outside of my office window at Best Buy and saw Ecto 1, I just assumed our building was haunted. I tried to tell my boss that I should be given the afternoon off to dodge any spiritual activity but much like the scientists at NYU in the movie, they laughed at me and told me to keep working.