Tell it to the hands

hand_model.jpgSomewhere an alien species is interpreting our TV broadcasts and trying to figure out what sort of life exists on the third rock from the sun.

CBS’ Sunday Morning today profiled models of body parts. You know the usual type of model. But the big money is in hands. The model’s face never enters the picture. And apparently the $1,000 an hour is worth giving up the rest of life and packaging up your hand like a hit man’s gun.

“No cooking. No cleaning. No taking out the garbage. No opening cans. No opening windows. No opening doors. No gardening. No sports,” one model says. Basically no touching anything that’s not being photographed.

What do you think of that, aliens?

  • Raya

    No wonder they have to pay her so much. If I had to hire everything done, I’d have to earn $1000/hour too.

  • noen

    Yawwwwwwwnnn… Wow, way to get the scoop on this story. You must be so proud. Hey Bob I got a great idea. How about all of MPR’s newscasters get some helium balloons and read the news in a high funny voice? Man… people would laugh and laugh… it would be great! Then after that you could have an all stripper week. Have all your guests be strippers for one week. Imagine the ratings!

  • Bob Collins

    Will you be contributing anything today, noen, or are you just going to throw pies today?

  • G-Man

    I only scanned the story but was able to figure out that CBS was doing the scoopin’ – not MPR. Bob’s just presenting the story because some might find it interesting. Rather than ripping on the messenger, or going to CBS, I went to Youtube and watched clips of Seinfeld, starting with the Puffy Shirt episode where George is a hand model. Can’t get enough of that show.

    Thanks Bob.

  • Joel

    I think the aliens would find us laughably easy to defeat…if only they could pull their eyes away from the shiny objects being modeled on the screen by such perfect hands.

  • c

    The first thing that came to my mind was Seinfeld as well. hahahha