Question the news

Nice to have you here. Here’s what’s coming up today on News Cut:

  • “Northwest Day” on News Cut earlier this week (it’s hard to find what with our poor navigation structure and all but if you go here you can scroll down to see how it worked) was fun, with you submitting questions and me searching around for the answers. See, there’s a lot about news that flies under the radar of a newsroom. We might be telling you about the Delta for Northwest stock share exchange, and you might be saying, “that’s nice, but what are the odds of getting Southwest Airlines in here?” Or, on a more disgustingly gross scale, we might be telling about the strange neurological illnesses in poor plant workers, and you might be asking, “what exactly were they doing on their jobs?” So, Julia Schrenkler, the MPR patron saint of all things interactive, has set up this form you can fill out whenever you have a question. And, assuming it’s not rhetorical, I’ll start digging when I get it.” Ready? Go!
  • It’s Friday, and that means the News Cut week-in-review quiz will be out at some point this afternoon. A couple of weeks after I detected a “make it harder” groundswell, I’m sensing a “this is too hard” movement.
  • I’ve gotten quite a few folks who have offered to be my “lab rat” for a presentation on biking to work. I’ll be going through it today to try to arrange some visits with some of you, trying to figure out how to put together this presentation without having to bike 16 miles to work with you, but making you think that I did.
  • I’m kicking around another presentation idea. Your house. Remember when our houses were more than bank accounts or the thing that kept us awake at night? Remember when they were the place where we kept our memories, the memories that made us say “I could never sell this place”? Me too. Look for an invitation to be part of that presentation over the weekend or Monday. The requirements: You need memories, maybe a digital camera, and the willingness to have someone shove a microphone in your face.
  • Plus all the scraps of news that passes through the cubicle today.
    • c skachua

      I used to bike to work once in a while when I worked in Woodbury at Guyers (now closed, RIP). This is about 7 miles.

      If you have access to 61 there is a bike path along there. I used to go Valley Creek which becomes Upper or Lower Afton on coming up on McKnight and Afton there was a parking lot that connected to the bike path in Battle Creek I would get on the bike trail that took me to the corner of McKnight and (again I m not sure which it is) Upper or Lower Afton and then take that to White Bear and then go White Bear to Burns to Mounds Boulevard. The Current is about a half mile from where I live. You must bee really seeded deeply in Woodbury.

    • Mark Gisleson

      Too hard? Last week I didn’t even get half of them right!

      Then again, I don’t work very hard at remembering the news I read, and in fact most nights do my best to unremember that day’s news.

    • Snuffy

      I don’t think that the more recent quizzes have been too hard–I think some of the questions involve a very close reading of the news stories, though. I’m thinking of questions like the one on the Olympic torch, where you had to pick the false item from a sea of true items. I had a good “sense” of that story even though I got the answer wrong.