Protect your brain

Is caffeine the miracle drug?

A North Dakota study on rabbits says a cup of coffee a day protects a vital barrier between the brain and the blood supply, protecting the central nervous system from the harm of chemicals in the blood.

Maybe coffee will soon be reimbursable by your FLEX plan.

  • Trish Mcelderry

    Flex plan that’s a good one Bob. As, I drink my coffee I thank you for yet another reason for not giving up caffine.

  • Beryl Knudson

    I relax in in my garden on a cool April morning savoring now (after reading the coffee bright study), my third cup of brew as a local gang of rabbits sit on the dune behind me; envious bunnies of mixed heritage (wild and domestic) watching, speculating my next move. They are prolific geniuses indeed and they too read of the latest scientific experiment; their bunny peers voluntarily mandated into the study as the attendant story revealed.

    I hear them, one rabbit mumbling to another, “We have already taken over the gardens; the streets; destroyed forsythia and rose bushes;spirea too…next we’ll take over those mega-manor houses pockmarking the once-simpler enviroment here on the Point.”

    “Go for it!” I whisper from the grounds of my simpler cottage.

    Now if someone would tell me their study made rabbits more intelligent, but also downsizes their fertility factor…then I would aplaud more gregariously and feed the whole overgrown herds of hare, raw coffee beans by the bagful. Starbucks-for-Rabbits could be a rewarding campaign?

    Smarter rabbits? Let’s say, fewer rather than more four-footed intelligent neighbors doesn’t bother me, until they start running for public office.

    I’m now on my fourth cup of coffee (yup, straight java; no cream) and look what it did to me….I’m recording my java-challenged intellectual soliloquy; and in the process, have turned the basic study on its head…or me on mine? Rabbit Haven, Park Point, Duluth

  • Lily

    My Grandmother lived to the ripe age of 103. Her live revolved around Folger’s coffee (no Starbucks for her). Maybe she was ahead of her time. Anyhow, thanks for relieving my guilt as I drink my own cafe.