Polar bear politics


A tale of two cultures.

In Minnesota, polar bears and gorillas get the cold shoulder.

In Germany, a polar bear enthralls a nation.

They’re so cute, right? Be sure to read the part where Mom ate two of her cubs yesterday.

  • Hey Bob – I don’t think this is quite right. It’s true most of the Como Zoo appropriation was nixed, but the PiPress says the polars came out relatively ok:

    “The polar bear project is roughly $14 million and $800,000 of that was vetoed Monday.”

    “‘Our team will have to look at how this affects the project, but the project is on schedule and on time,'” said zoo spokeswoman Michelle Furrer.”


  • Bob Collins

    Is that possible that after all the braying about polar bears and gorillas, he let it go through?

    According to Laura Yuen and Tom Scheck’s story:

    “The governor vetoed St. Paul projects ranging from an expanded Como Zoo gorilla exhibit to a new Asian cultural center.”

    But apparently, as you indicate, the polar bears are …umm… cool.

  • c


    Pawlenty ok’ing the project that eats its own kind let alone its own kin for food source. That sounds typical of our Good Govna’.

  • Casey the gorillas’ grandson

    “But apparently, as you indicate, the polar bears are …umm… cool.”


    perhaps the Govenor has a more ‘intimate’ relationship with the polar bears.

  • Nancy

    Wonder why the zoo didn’t have a better watch on Wilma with her two new cubs if, as the Guradian says, Polar Bears are known to eat their young under certain circumstances.

    Didn’t they want the cubs to survive, even if Wilma would not mother them?

  • I like this photo of this bear it is so sexy.

  • a polar bear usally weighs about 250 to 350 pounds

  • gabriella

    Cuteee! these spechies are my favorite!!! i love them

  • I think the pictures are so cute.And that you went to the arctic and took those pictures in the cold.

  • Polly

    Its not right to have poler bears as pets they get big and they need to be in cold places like the arctic!

  • nur marlyana

    cOmel x sye ??