Close the gap

I’ve picked up something bearing a resemblance to the flu since last we met, so posting today will be sporadic.

Unfortunately, it caused me to miss an event this morning that I had hoped to offer for your consideration. There was (actually it’s going on at this very moment) a panel discussion about the gaps between Minnesotans. The discussion intended to feed off a preview of Twin Cities Public Television’s new documentary series, Close the Gap, which premieres on Saturday.

I’m hoping it features some new perspectives rather than the “usual suspects.”

  • c

    It looks like an awesome show!

    Bob-Who are the “usual suspect you are referring in your blog?

    Unfortuneately I could not play any of the clips because of the Flash Player I could not download.

    I do know that community involvement can bring together all kinds of people of different culture/upbringing. (refering to the community gardens)

    I know that ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) has been a huge asset in raising my son who is now eleven years old. I attended the Daytons Bluff ECFE and through this I have been able to teach my son self esteem and apply other valuable child rearing skills. The connections and lessons I learned there are priceless! My class consisted of backgrounds that included hispanic, Jewish, Christian, African American, Caucasion, middle class and lower income, single mom, single dad, to name a few.

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    oh and what I forgot to mention that in ECFE -with all our differences we came together with a common ground that we all had children and wanted advice or some directions in how the heck we raise them!!! It was great! Some parents with children who were 4 could give potty advice to those who had children younger. We really got to know one another through common difficulties and stories of our failures and successes with our children.