Merger math

How do you make a small fortune in the airline business? You start with a big fortune.

Northwest Airlines lost $4.14 billiion in the first quarter of the year. What does burning through that kind of cash look like? Something like this, maybe:

That’s $540 in $10 bills sucked into the jet engine every second. Do that every second of the day for three months and you’d be Northwest Airlines.

Up it to $887 a second and you’d be Delta.

  • Matt

    Best flash graphic evar

  • C


  • ROFL.

  • Bob Collins

    I have to admit that I haven’t been able to get the graphic to work quite right. It actually was produced to suck in the money in “real time”. But it’s moving slower than expected… which is probably little comfort to the suits in Eagan.

  • Mac Wilson

    I love it, Bob.

  • Matt

    I disagree with C. It rocks. It has some sort of artistic merit. It is legit.

  • Bob Collins

    I don’t think C was referring to the artistic quality of the graphic (I have no artistic ability, actually) but to the penchant of airlines to burn though $500-$800 per second.

    Or not.

  • Minn Whaler

    Frankly I think C was making a joke. You know a little humor??? The graphic does suck, it sucks $$$ into a jet engine? LOL?

    anyone for another cup of coffee..

    great graphic Mr. Bob

  • c

    i was making a joke-a pun. infact alot of the time i am writing with tongue in cheek but i do not make that tongue in cheek symbol and it looks like maybe i should and perhaps i would be better understood.

    that is an awesome graphic and i know that i wouldn’t even know where to begin to make a graphic-moving no less-as good as that one. and its funny too.


    (tongue in cheek, just kidding, LOL)