Is there a (photo) doctor in the house?


Is this offensive? On the blog Visual Editors, a site for people mostly in the design/photojournalism end of the news business, there are a couple of controversies being debated. One is the doctoring of images to enhance their impact — a subject I’ll leave alone, and the other is the picture shown above.

The site says the Business & Media Institute has carried several objections to the photograph — mostly from Iwo Jima vets, who call it “a disgrace.” Is it the picture? Or the assertion that global warming is likened to World War II?

  • matt

    Who really cares what the business and media institute has to say about this subject. Like every close-minded opinionist, this author can’t even see the intent behind the illustration. It has nothing to do with the vets per-say. I’m sorry that our vets are offended, but their time is history.

    The author of the institutes’ article, says that the times goal is to: “push more global warming alarmism”. Well, what isn’t scary about global warming. These opponents of global warming need to educate themselves and read a real scientific analysis on the subject instead of reading their consumer report.