Ethanol gets high marks


The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is out with a survey of 800 people that generally gives high marks to corn growers and ethanol. A spokesperson says the survey was not undertaken to be released to the media, but it subsequently was.

Since we’ve talked about the cost of ethanol-blended gasoline vs. the cost of straight gasoline on News Cut several times in the last month, it’s worth pointing out that 55% of the people surveyed don’t think it is less expensive and support its production for other reasons.

By the way, 70 percent of those surveyed believe global warming is a fact.

  • Jim
  • “This one may reveal more about our (lack of) education than any actual facts about ethanol as a fuel.”

    No doubt Jim is referring to the 35% of respondents who failed to note that ethanol is better for the environment than petroleum.


  • Josh Graciano

    How does a fuel that uses more petroluem energy in it’s creation than straight petroleum fuel get the label green? And how about that 10% drop in fuel economy we all noticed when 10% ethanol gasoline came in? When Minnesota Sugarcane Growers comes out with a survey, that might be worth publicizing. -Josh of Concord NH

  • Thanks for dropping by, Josh. Live Free of Ethanol or Die, eh?

    BTW, how’s that Libertarian takeover of New Hampshire coming along? Let me know when it is complete — we have a few locals I’d like to ship out East.