Gary Chaison on the NWA-Delta merger

Just got off the phone with Gary Chaison, a labor studies professor at Clark University in Worcester, Ma., who follows the airline industry.

Here’s the full interview. (MP3)

  • Signals the beginning of more hard times in airline industry. (Listen)
  • Impact of merger will be felt quickly, with many job losses (Listen)
  • Pilots hold the key for a happy merger. (Listen)
  • What’s the big deal with seniority? (Listen)
  • Why do Northwest’s pilots have more seniority than Delta’s pilots (Listen)
  • 50-50 prospects that it can survive Justice Department review. (Listen)
    • Allison

      My husband works for Northwest as a non-union employee and this merger makes me worry on every level.

      I don’t for a second believe there won’t be job cuts.

      What merger has ever been completed without massive job cuts? How stupid do executives take employees and the public to be? I’d much prefer they come out and honestly say they anticipate layoffs as a cost-saving measure and thus the point of a merger.

      In my view, so much emphasis on Delta and Atlanta means the Twin Cities are going to feel the brunt of this merger, which is sad after all Minnesota has done to keep Northwest afloat.

      My husband loves his job and we love the Twin Cities. It’s too bad we’ll likely be forced to choose between one or the other or none at all.