Cheney’s sunglasses mystery


Well, this is one of the more intriguing photographic mysteries, at least since the famous “Mark Kennedy has an extra finger” brouhaha of a couple of years ago.

As the world of the Internet tells it, there’s a reflection of a naked woman in Vice President Cheney’s sunglasses.

Cheney’s office says that’s his hand on a fly rod, a difficult thing to see, I have to admit, once you get your eyes accustomed to seeing a naked woman.

Newsday, however, turned its investigative photography unit loose and concluded:

In one lens of his sunglasses you can clearly tell it is a sleeved arm of Cheney or a fishing companion. The other lens has an extreme distortion that, without looking at it closely, could be misconstrued.


It looks like Mark Kennedy’s finger to me.

(Hat tip: Chris Dall)