A day in the life of Minnesota?


Driving back from Two Harbors today, I had this thought: Could we organize a day in Minnesota in which as many people as possible take a single picture that describes their town and/or the people in it on a single day and organize it into an online presentation, and accompany it with audio of the photographer?

This, I’m sure you know, has been done on a much grander scale with the America 24/7 Project, and the famous 1986 project, A Day in the Life of America.

The picture above wouldn’t qualify; it’s just scenery. Nothing is happening but the ore docks sitting there in Two Harbors. But what if we took a day this summer and tried to make a scrapbook of … well… us?

Chew on that for a bit and we’ll talk about it when I return from vacation later this month.

  • And I have a brand new DSLR. Hmmm…

  • Of course.

    Julia Schrenkler

    Interactive Producer, MPR

  • Mac Wilson

    Too daunting, Bob. I think things like this are better left unfolding on their own — otherwise, I think we’d be obsessed with trying too hard and not letting the magic come naturally. Maybe this is just the way my mind works 😛 It’s probably why I’m not a professional photographer…