Cheap Joe a no go


I had anticipated a line at the closest Starbucks today. They were giving away free coffee nationwide from 11 to 11:30 as part of its effort to “reconnect” with the customer. With the money saved from one free cup of coffee, you can pay for the extra gasoline tax on two or three fill-ups.

But no, there were four people in the store; all of them appeared to be homeless.

The company unveiled a new “everyday” blend that tasted — and this is an unscientific opinion from someone whose taste buds have been miscalibrated from years of abuse — like every other cup of everyday coffee. Oh, and it came without the cardboard protective wrap, which helped my fingers reconnect with pain.

  • Based on the number of blogs I read (i’m not really THAT big of a loser, but I do like ’em) and this being the first time I heard starbucks was giving away free Joe, I don’t think they did a very good job of marketing this. Especially if it was at 11am. I work a weird schedule, but most people would probably have felt more “connected” with if this offer was say, from 7am-10am.

  • Bob Collins

    I’ll tell you what, kate. This video on your blog is a better pick-me-up than any old cup of coffee.

  • Andy

    Funny you should mention advertising by Starbucks…when was the last time you saw/heard/read an ad from this company? They do not advertise = $$$mega savings$$$

  • Bob Collins

    This morning (I think). There was a full page ad in the NY Times, though I didn’t read it. I was too busy looking for the Volkswagon ads (the one with a Beetle at the microphone).

  • bsimon

    What’s with that v-dub ad? I noticed it sunday, are they trying to build hype for something coming up?

  • Mac Wilson

    Of course they didn’t promote this — it saves them lots of money. I only found out about it now as I was reading Bob’s post. I worked on the Current today at noon and I certainly could have used some coffee. If they’re not going to promote this, this seems like a totally empty gesture. I guess I’ll have to stick to Caribou.

  • Esme Louder

    You know Starbucks is an icon from the 90’s. No wonder they have trouble. Their coffee tastes burned. The only think I like is their banana bread, MMM…bet they weren’t giving that away.

  • c

    Coffee is my expertise. I’m sorry but McDonalds and Dunkin’ donuts coffee? All crap to me. And if you drink them, in my opinion you have no taste at all for coffee, AND in my opinion you may as well be one of those folks who re-use coffee grounds. (I shutter at the thought)

    There are few coffee brewers who know what is a good cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee is a bold dark roast. Starbucks has a great coffee(s). The proof is in the product therefore there is no need for advertising.

    mybe the noon-ish promo was to get people to try their lunch items…who knows

  • Bob Collins

    Dunkin’ Doughnuts’ coffee is the finest ever brewed by mankind. The doughnuts were better, though, when they made them on site.