What’s your news IQ?

Quick! How many American soldiers have died in the war in Iraq? If you’re like 72 percent of the American adult population, you don’t know, according to a new Pew Research Center Survey.

That’s the lowest awareness total since the war began and it also mirrors the declining amount of war coverage in the American media. Maybe it’s the media’s fault, but other elements of the survey are just as troubling and don’t necessarily track with media coverage.

For example:

* Only 70% know which party is in control of the U.S. House of Representatives

* Only 56 percent know which state John McCain represents in the Senate.

* Only 31 percent knew the Dow was at 12,000 points (at the time of the survey)

Even worse, the questions were multiple choice, and only 52% of those surveyed got at least 6 of the 10 questions right.

I have confidence that News Cut readers can beat these numbers. So take the survey here. Then post your results.

Here’s a freebie: As of tonight 3,966 soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

  • Mac Wilson

    If I had scrolled down just a little more, I would have answered correctly for the troops question. It was kind of absurd, because I had never read any stories about surpassing 4000, so I figured 3000 was the better answer.

    It’s only an issue because it’s the only thing that kept me from a perfect score. I got a 91.

  • dwp4401

    91% – Missed the last one, darn it!

  • Anna Bliss

    Since I had the troops answer from Mr. Collins, I got ’em all. Guess I listen to enough MPR. (I might have guessed higher on the troops without the assist, though.) Shocking that according to the survey results, only 3% got them all right. How awful.

  • I got them all right…

    Most people just don’t follow current events like us News Cut readers. Seems sad to me, but they seem fine with it… who am I to say?

  • Chachi K

    I got ’em all right, woo hoo. I should work in the news business…wait, I did (sigh). Bob according to this site there are 3974 DoD confirmed US soldier deaths. Check out this site for some other tragic stats.

  • Bob Collins

    I’m going to spend part of today putting the infrastructure together for a weekly “news quiz” on news cut. I can see I’m going to need tougher questions.

    My Iraq number, btw, is sourced from the Washington Post. I should’ve indicated that. Apologies.

  • Alison

    100% – Woohoo! Of course all thanks go to MPR and NPR. It figures that the pop culturish question with Oprah as the answer was answered correctly by the most people. It shows what and who Americans really find important.

  • brian

    100% (as with everyone else, thanks to MPR)

    I’m kind of surprised that people did better on the Hugo Chavez question than the Dow question.

  • Heather

    100% Thanks, Bob!

  • Bob Collins

    Oh, man, this is clearly the accelerated class here. Must find harder questions today.

  • c

    yeah…you all work for Mpr.

    I got 48% which is alittle under your typical male alot above your typical female…so what does that mean. I have some college under my belt and I am not ashamed to admit my score.

    actually all of you that made 90% or above I probably made fun of in high school. ; P

  • c

    ok honestly, I knew C Rice was secretary of something (yah I checked defense), but anyway when that lady comes on the tube I am more focused on that whoppin space in her front teeth than anything that she has to say. I am an artist, what can I say..I focus on these types of things.

  • brian

    I don’t work for MPR.

  • 12 out of 12! w00t!

  • becca

    100%– and I don’t work for MPR (yet). I have to admit that I guessed on Oprah. The one thing everyone else knows is the one I don’t know…

    But I’m dismayed at how even our college grads are doing. Has anyone seen the movie “Idiocracy”?

  • Dustin

    100%. Looking forward to the weekly news quiz Bob. Those questions were way too easy

  • Tom Weber

    I got all but one (missed the Dow question) but I’m an MPR reporter, so I wonder if anything less than a perfect score is a disappointment. I’ll try better next time!

  • Jennifer

    I’m a 36-year-old woman with no college degree (but some college education) and I got them all right!

    The only reason I know all this is because I listen to MPR ALL the time. And care.

    But when I got all the questions right, it said 97%. What’s up with that? Did I take too long to answer or something?

    My dad will be so proud.

  • Snuffy

    I missed the DNC question (I went with with Emanuel, since I have trouble keeping track of the various political committees out there.)

    And I missed the Serbia question, apparently because I have trouble keeping track of European countries?

  • brian

    The 97% isn’t the percentage you got correct, it is the percentage that got a lower score than you did (a percentile). This confused me too. Since 3% got them all right, only 97% got a lower score than you. The rest tied with you.

  • c

    so Bob. how many people took the test so far today….and don’t tell me only 20. or 21 for that matter.

  • MR

    I just missed the casualty question–I think it’s because I haven’t heard numbers recently. Oh well.

  • Tim Neal

    I also missed the casualty #. What a dope you even spotted me the answer.

  • Bob Collins

    I cobbled together a quiz program that will basically be a Week in Review. I’ll plan on posting it every Friday at 5 p.m.

  • G-Man

    Thanks to MPR I scored 97%.

  • c

    I have had a moment of clarity. You 90% and above people are of a certain breed. You are the news listeners of America.

    Apparently anyone who scores like I did won’t admit to it. Or anyone who scores like I do does not read this News Cut or semi listen to the news. I KNOW THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY 48%ER OUT THERE. I know that knowing who the majority leader of the US Senate and the President of Venezuela are not common topics of discussion in the work place-( I wish they were)my peers talk about sports(not that there is anything wrong with that either)….or the chairperson of the Democratic party for that matter.