The Week-in-Review Quiz


Where does news end and trivia begin? At the point at which you can’t answer a question in the even-tougher-than-you-remember News Cut quiz. There’s a lot of trivia in this week’s quiz.

Take the quiz, and then come on back to talk about your week. As usual, there are some hints in the image above.

This week, by the way, I met with ace MPR developer Ari Koinuma, to outline the specs for an embeddable quiz that will tally your score and compare it to the other trivia — I mean news — experts. It’ll be a few weeks yet but the prospect of it will give us all a reason to live for another week.

  • c

    if i got 10 out of 15 then i’m thinking it wasn’t hard. my son assisted again-he got the nipple ring question right : )


  • Tough quiz this week! I only got 7/15. I’m afraid I did get the nipple ring question right.

  • GregS

    Ouch, I only got six correct.

  • G-man

    Yeah, I got the nipple-ring question right also. That concerns me. ;-]

  • Mary

    8 out of 15 this week…better than last, but I had two lucky guesses and a friend who’s sorry he ever invested in hogs.

  • bsimon

    12/15. got the jewelry question only from looking at the pictures first & wondering ‘what is that a picture of?’

  • Lily

    9/15 and I have been absent from the Cut all week.

    Will try to do better next week!

  • Bob Collins

    What do you all think? Do you like these more…umm, challenging quizzes, or would you like me to make them easier.

    And absent from the Cut all week, Lily. Have you got a cardboard box? I’ll be needing a place to sleep.

  • dwp4401

    11 out of 15 this week. Keep the tests tough and drop the pictures.

  • Jamie

    Only 10 correct this week for this news slacker, including a couple lucky guesses. Haven’t been paying enough attention to the news again this week, I guess. I want the quiz to be difficult, but taking questions out of the Chronicle of… was it Philanthropy? Higher Education?… that’s getting a little too arcane for me. I’d rather have a little less trivia, and I LIKE the photos.

    But, at least as important as the level of difficulty is the duration of the flash of the correct answer when you get one wrong. I’d like to learn what the correct answer is, and I can’t read anywhere near that fast.

    Oh, and I thought the photo of the nipple ring (talk about “ouch!”) was a picture of a spur (as in, “I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle…”). Thanks for the quiz — it and the comments are fun!

  • bsimon

    I like the difficulty level. If a lot of people are getting them all right, its too easy.