Back to the future

The State Patrol is unveiling the “new look” for its squad cars on Wednesday morning.

According to a news release , “the new State Patrol squad design incorporates a maroon body with white doors — reflecting a retro look of Patrol squads used during 1960-1991.”

“The new design aims to strengthen the identity of the State Patrol, enabling motorists to better recognize troopers and how the agency supports safe travel on Minnesota roads.”

OK, I sort of get the notion of strengthening the identity part, once you take it out of marketing-speak. But the other part, “enabling motorists to recognize…. how the agency supports safe travel on Minnesota roads…” With two white doors you can do that?

It’s an interesting notion because driving home these days I see a lot of unmarked troopers pulling people over, because their cars look like everyone else’s.

Thanks to the Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association Web site, we already have a preview of the preview:


Actually, the retro look is pretty cool. It practically screams Broderick Crawford.


I can hear a return to yesteryear, when the trooper would sidle up to the car, lean in, push his hat up just a bit with his index finger and say, “where’s the fire?”


And when you get home, your kids will be playing with action figures.


But then little Johnny — yeah, we’ll start calling our kids ‘little Johnny’ again — will start whining about getting one of those cool new black and white TVs like the kid next door has.

At which point, you’ll just head down to the lodge to be with the fellas.

  • G

    Hey, is that Barney Fife behind the wheel?

  • Seems like it blends in with the landscape to me. Not sure that that helps keep us safe on the roads, but I suppose that helps keep the troopers hidden in the dark with their radar guns.

    I think the Dutch have the best designed police vehicles I’ve seen, and they’re usually covered with all kinds of neon, stripes and the like.

    The new paint job just reminds me that the troopers drive antiquated gas guzzling land yachts, just like they did 50 years ago.

  • Deb

    I am trying, to like this car, being the easy to get along with type of person that I am. However, I just can’t wrap my mind around this one. I think it’s just an ugly car. Doesn’t matter much, but, it’s an ugly car………….

  • sustainable comment

    It looks just about the same. Although they have changed the colors to maroon and gold and the gold being a lightning bolt? I like this design because the design implies lightning fast speed and it will discourage the “fast eddies” to drive the speed limit.

    hey do the dutch power their neon saftey mobiles with wind mills? and do the police officers or safety officers (whichever you prefer) wear the panneokukken hats?