The News Cut Week-in-Review Quiz

The Weekly Quiz

You’ve waited all week for this. We so enjoyed the Pew Center survey post and quiz earlier this week that I’ve decided to make a weekly quiz. Now, clearly, regular readers of News Cut have an advantage, but don’t let that stop you from taking the quiz below.

If you select the correct answer, it will light up green and move to the next question. If you’re wrong — and what are the odds of that? — you’ll see a red “X” and the correct answer will show itself in green. Hint: Study the images above.

We haven’t built a quiz yet to keep track of how everyone is doing so you can compare yourself to others, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, we’ll just have to depend on your honesty to reveal your results in the “comments” section.

Ready? Begin!

  • I hang my head in shame that I only got 10 out of 15, a lousy 67%.

    I hang my head further that I knew the answer to the American Idol question even though I’ve never watched the show.

    Happy Pi Day!

  • Alison

    13 out of 15. I guess I’ll have to start watching Idol, or handicap my score to account for pop culture questions.

  • G-Man

    80%…I starting faultering at the end but the Idol question got me back on track. I don’t know if that’s altogether a good thing. Thanks, Bob, for the news quiz.

  • anton

    13 out of 15. missing the american idol Q is fine with me, but i probably should have known the sports Q even though i don’t follow sports. (at least it’s local.)

  • Joel

    I’d like to see others’ average stats. for comparison.

  • Bob Collins

    Actually, I think if you get 10 here, that’s pretty darned good. Each is not particularly hard, but they run a pretty fair gamut of the news spectrum. I’m hoping to get the kind of function in this that Joel suggests. Not sure when, but I think it would be fun.

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    Phew! Got all 15. Bob would have razzed me in the newsroom if I hadn’t.

  • mary

    13 out of 15…usually I’m not good at these things. Reading NC has clearly helped my social intelligence but unfortunately not any other issue in my life.

  • Minn whaler

    12 out of 15, and I check into news cut everyday..

    note to self: check out short term memory issues.

  • c

    My fifth grader helped me, he got the Michigan question right…he did most of the work = )>

    10 out of 15

  • 10 out of 15.

    I feel like a slacker.

  • mjj

    12 out of 15. I can’t believe American Idol constitutes “news” as a part of Americans’ declining news IQ, though. Sheesh. I thought maybe infotainment would be downgraded here, at least. If these were grades, most of us would be at a C or lower. 10 out of 15 is probably an F, so we shouldn’t congratulate ourselves too much.

  • Troy

    11 of 15. I also guessed the “Idol” question correct based on your photo collage. When I think of Junior Senator though, I translate that to high school terms of who has been in longer.

  • Jamie

    13 out of 15 for me. But I have to quibble with one question: I can’t believe that a whole four years of public college education costs only four-thousand-some bucks. I thought even the highest figure choice ($10,000+) seemed very low. The other one I missed was the Wisconsin legislature question. I usually pay a lot of attention to news about reproductive rights, but I missed that story. This is fun. Look forward to future quizzes.

  • Snuffy

    Be careful with pronouns when wording the questions. One question used a female pronoun, and the four choices were three men and a woman.

    And I agree with the quibble above re: the education costs. I went for the $10K number assuming it was the full cost of college, not one year.

    I’m sounding negative–I’m not, I really enjoyed the quiz! I’m just an editor!

  • Bob Collins

    MJJ, the Idol question was a bit of a joke. It relates to the post here earlier this week about the Pew Center poll.

  • c

    as far as I am concerned 67% is “C” and is average. And this is supposed to be fun and a playful type thing right….that we do not take so seriously. its all good

  • MR

    I missed only the tuition question–I was also confused and thought that it was asking about the total for 4 years. Ah well.

  • bsimon

    13/15 here. Missed the tuition cost & one which I’ve already forgotten. Sadly knew the Idol question.

  • Finally got around to take this… I got 12 of 15, missing the tuition cost, age of an adult offender, and the price of oil. The only reason I got the Amer. Idol was the picture on this post… glad I looked at it carefully.

  • brian


    I’ve taken exams where getting half right gets you an A. Grades are all relative.

    I enjoyed the quiz. Keep them coming.