The Chicago difference

Chicago, apparently, doesn’t have the problem with the Photo Cop device that Minneapolis has. A camera catches people running red lights. It was struck down here, however, because it couldn’t be proven that the driver of the car was the owner (wink).

Chicago has the Redflex system (the same one as used in Minneapolis) installed at 69 intersections and has just authorized $59 million to wire up 222 more.

And why not? The city is expected to reap $50 million a year in fines. Minnesotans claimed that the cameras were little more than an electronic shakedown here. But in Chicago, the system survived a legal challenge when a court ruled it legal to hold an owner responsible for the actions of his/her vehicle.

Still, red light running is said to have dropped 58 percent at the photographed Chicago intersections.

  • GregS

    Keep in mind, there is a big difference between issuing a fine and collecting a fine. I think we all remember U.S. Representative Keith Ellison’s numerious unpaid traffic tickets. Even a suspended license could not motivate him to pay.

    Perhaps the city can offer the added incentive of public office to collect the $50 million that it (ahem) anticipates.