Songs to torture by

If you were to be subjected to torture, what would be the last straw before you broke?

How about the Meow Mix commercial jingle? According to writer Justine Sharrock in Mother Jones magazine, that — along with songs like the Barney theme song, some Bee Gees, and Neil Diamond — are some of the most popular songs to torture by.

More here (language warning!)

(h/t: Brandt Williams)

  • Nick

    I may want to go Clockwork Orange on this and say “Beethoven,” but that’s as dull as Neil or Barney.

    I think the worst would be my favorite music in a really low quality. Like a low quality copied-several-times MP3 of Prince’s Thieves In The Temple on a five year-old cell phone tied to my head.

    That would be pretty awful.

  • c

    I think anything repeatedly played loudly would be torture…but I would agree some sounds are more horrifying than others. My tolerance seems to dwindle as I approach my geriatric years.