Security screening outside the box

Question: Have you been through an airport screening system lately? How much of a hassle was it, really?

I don’t fly often enough to have a good sense of the amount of delay. And when I do fly, I usually try to fly off-peak hours (and at Minneapolis St. Paul, I use the security gate alllllll the way down at the north end of the terminal where nobody seems to go.).

I ask because Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff told the Senate Appropriations Committee that he’s told the head of the Transportation Security Administration “to think outside the box” and figure out a new way to do it.

What would that look like. Unless you’re in a wheelchair, or have a baby stroller, or a laptop, it’s pretty much (a) wait in line for a bit (b) take off your shoes and (c) walk through the thing that dings and (d) ignore the look on the guy’s face because you’re the 900th person in the last half hour to forget to take the keys out of their pocket.

One possibility, says Government Security News, is a new laptop case that allows the feds to scan it without taking it out of the bag.

  • mike

    I haven’t had any major problems. It is, of course, a longer delay than it used to be. But, if you had the choice between waiting an extra 1/2 hr for added security vs. flying on a plane with little to no security checks, which line would you get in?

    I’ve been stopped and checked a couple of times also. This is no big deal either. They root through your bag, takes about 5 minutes.

    I should say that I don’t usually travel during the big holidays. I’m sure there are some pretty good horror stories.