Presidential aging


Usually near the end of a presidential term, some news organization somewhere puts a collage together showing the difference in presidential appearance between the first days in office and the last. The difference is usually quite stark. I’m not sure that’s the case with President Bush.

Above are 8 pictures, all taken in the first three months of each year between 2001 and 2008. Try to put them in the correct order. You can put your guesses in the comments section.

At some point on Thursday, I’ll reveal the correct order in another collage.

Update: Here is the correct order. Left to right.


So the correct order is:


  • Chachi K

    Bob – Do you think you could put one of these together for Cheney? I guessing he did all the aging in this administration.

  • brian

    A,F,C,B,E,D,G,H – done solely by hair color.

    Bob – While I agree with the sentiment of this post, I’m not sure how much value this kind of thing has as news. It does make a point about the work ethic of the President, but I think there are more relevant measures of his presidency, like the amount of time he has spent on vacation. I don’t think facial aging will change anyone’s mind about him and it will just reinforce the idea that the mainstream media has a liberal bias.

    I hope you don’t take this as an attack on you… I’m more just curious about your reasoning for the post, since you obviously think about these things.

  • Bob Collins

    News is whatever you find interesting. The good, the bad, the ugly. Not everything needs to be a Master’s thesis to be interesting. It’s merely an observation, which is what I do here. It’s not meant to make a point about the work ethic. To my eye, it merely means that this president has broken the streak of presidents who end up looking like the job killed them. The why of that is open to interpretation.

  • c


    forehead wrinkles due to stress.

  • c

    I answered the question before I read the other posts. Bob this is a great piece-i love it!!!! I am currently teaching fifth graders how to draw the human face. Facial features certainly do change over a period of 10 years. Thank you for this INTERESTING AND INTELLEGENT (I hate it when people call radio talk shows “intellegent” so I am being sacastic in that regard) especially after the last couple days of articles on numbers and taxes that make no sense to anyone, even those who are supposed to be the ones who know what they are suppose to mean. This is no attack on your post Brian. (no harm meant)

  • Joel

    I don’t think either Bush or Cheney aged much over the years because I don’t believe either one of them made what would normally be called “tough” decisions. When you’re on God’s side, the answers must come very easily…

  • c

    So what I thought were forhead wrinkles due to expression in picture E were really permanent forhead wrinkles.

    well I think we will all agree that President George has not been getting botox. He has lotsa expression.