Mailbag: What it feels like to have a stroke

An anonymous (OK, actually they had a clever username, but that doesn’t always help me establish the identity) contributor has forwarded a video from neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor via the Web site, TED — ideas worth spreading.

She woke up one morning and felt all of her functions slipping away one by one. She realized, she says, that when we talk about ourselves as “me,” we perhaps should say “we.”

If you’d like to read the transcript, find it here.

Keep in mind, it’s just one person’s experience.

  • c

    Does it matter who the article came from?

    So here is a woman who can take something very complicated -the brain-that she has studied most of her life and break it down into english for those of us who are not fluid in “brain”.

    I am surprised that no one has commented on this. especially no comments from all those scientists out there that work at MPR.

    I thought it was amazing that this woman is having a stroke and she is making observations on her own ischemic attack and her body’s response to the attack.

    I absolutely loved how she described the end result of the whole event being a “gift” and an opportunity to experience right brain function and then a total disconnect from the body and what it was like. I also like that she is sharing her experience with the world.


  • Bob Collins

    I don’t understand your point about scientists who work at MPR. Who are you talking about and what exactly is it you want them to post?

  • c

    I meant it exactly how I wrote it. It certainly is not an attack of any sort. i did not intend for YOU to take it personally.