Life’s mysteries

While you’re pondering the mystery of how a politician with a reputation for high ethics gets himself hooked up with a prostitution ring, here’s another mystery of the mind to consider. How does a priest get around to masterminding the mass murder of 1,500 people who sought refuge in his church?

  • Nick Schommer

    It’s not a mystery Bob.

    Contradictions happen with complicated circumstances.

    A well ordered life is a thing to behold and emulate.

    Flaws and foibles and failings, however are in the mix.

    You may tire easily of those less than you and dismiss them with a slur and a snicker of of incredulity yet there, but for grace, we go.

    Spitzer was in as complicated a fray as there is. Ruwanda in the killing time was awful too.

    To not get the back story and suck your teeth in tut-tuts above the fray is plain simple minded and nasty.

  • Bob Collins

    Nick, I don’t think we’re talking here about little things, though. Is mass murder — by a priest no less — a foible? A mere flaw?

    I think not. I think there’s more than the grace of God at work for those who don’t commit mass murder or hire hookers.

    I think as far as slurs go, a priest who locks 1,500 in a church, then orders bulldozers to demolish it, then sends in militiamen to kill any survivors with machetes and guns, has more than earned it.

    I also admit to taking comfort in the fact there are still certain acts that are completely unfathomable.