One for the kids

There are two ways to look at the developing story in Woodbury, where an assistant wrestling coach is being investigated for bringing some beer and a couple of high school girls to a hotel room in St. Paul where three wrestlers who qualified for the high school wrestling tournament were staying.

A.) You can just shake your head and say “gee, how stupid can people be?” But, after the last few weeks, isn’t that getting old?

B) You can focus on the fact that the kids on his team were the ones who blew the whistle on the guy.

According to the Woodbury Bulletin:

According to school district officials who conducted their own investigation, the students reported the incident immediately to Woodbury head wrestling coach Josh McLay. The incident was then reported to Woodbury police, said Randy Zipf, assistant superintendent for secondary education in South Washington County Schools.

After a year of stories about binge drinking by underage kids, and high school kids getting suspended for posting images of themselves (apparently) drinking in Facebook, here we have the story of a group of kids who knew right from wrong.

Now that’s news!

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