A dog’s life

dalmatian.jpgI admit it. I get tired of hookers and pig politicians, political theater, and all the hypocrisy that surrounds all of it. So today I set out to unearth some sort of uplifting story of decency.

What does it say when the closest I could find today is stories about dogs?

His name is … was … Alex and for 13 years he was the loyal firedog at the Alexandria Fire Department, according to the Alexandria Echo Press. Alex died in his sleep last week.

No one seems to know for sure how Alex ended up at the fire department; only that one day years ago, he was left on the back step of the department, “tucked in a kennel with blankets to keep him warm and toys to keep him occupied,” and a letter signed with a paw print.

There are no great stories of heroics by Alex, he was just good at what dogs are good at. He welcomed kids to the fire house and all that.

There are other stories about dogs worth paying attention to, today:

In West Virginia, a man’s boat capsized, sending him and his dog, Lacy, into the water. He got the dog onto the top of the boat while he stayed in the water. When rescuers arrived, he begged them to get the dog first. Why? He and his wife lost both of their children in a car accident 15 years ago and he said the animal has helped take a small amount of that hurt away, giving them an object to pour their love into.

Jennifer Frekking, a Minnesotan in the Iditarod race in Alaska, lost one of her dogs — Lorne — when it was hit by a snowmobile earlier this week. The race ended today when Alaskan Lance Mackey won his second straight title.

  • Aja Halverson

    Thank you for the touching stories… you’re right, in a world where it’s hard to weed through all the negative reporting that goes on, it’s nice to have a few stories that remind you to appreciate the little joys in life.

  • Minn whaler

    I often hear how we treat our pets better than much of humanity, and in the USA compared to other countries that is definitely true. But our domestic animals… dogs, cats, birds, etc. are the absolute best stress reducers, exercise inducers, and a necessary part of many people’s lives without whom they would have no one or thing to care for, about or to care for them.

    Pets have helped me through some very difficult transitions. Thanks for a more positive look at the little things that keep life going