An end to luxury?

There’s nothing really new under the sun where baseball stadiums are concerned; just trends that filter from ballpark to ballpark.

Here’s one: getting rid of luxury boxes. The Red Sox have unveiled changes to fabled Fenway Park, that removes a group of luxury boxes in favor of more seats. In this case, the seats go for $75 a pop.

The “trend” — if it really is that — comes at a time when corporations (which, let’s face it, helped fuel the luxury box trend) are falling on hard times, and are merging and moving headquarters to other cities. Might this usher in an entire new concept: Seats out in the open?

The Twins are not heading in this direction. All 55 luxury suites at the new ballpark are sold.

  • GregS

    The greatest ballpark in the nation is in San Diego.

    A couple of years ago I went there to visit my brother before he went to dig up Saddam’s land mines in Iraq.

    He asked if we wanted to see a ball game, mentioning that he had tickets for the “grassy knoll”. I said sure, hoping that I was going to be let in on a grand conspiracy, instead we packed a picnic basket and sat out on a hill beyond center field. The knoll was designed for familes to picnic while watching the game.

    The rules are simple. You can put anything in your picnic basket but beer and pop.

    It was a great time. They even had a little ball field on one side of the “knoll” for kids to play ball. A couple times during the game, players came out to the little ball field to coach and “play against” the kids.

    I guess the people who built the field, understand something that only The Saint Paul Saints understand locally. Teams are in the “entertainment” business not the “baseball” business.