After Beer Pong

The University of Minnesota Daily has the story today of a “new” drinking game. It used to be called the “Drunken Spelling Bee,” but now its title has been changed to the “Grown Up Spelling Bee” because of complaints that the old name glorified binge drinking.

You decide.

Sendall wound up making it to the fifth round. Her first word as contestant number 39 was “autoerotic,” followed by “verbatim,” “eugenics,” and “viscous.”

During the fifth round, she crinkled her face, trying to spell “manducatory.”

“M-A-N,” she said, pausing to find the next letter. “G?”

The judges beeped her out.

Sendall had an 8-ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon beer between each round, plus an extra drink during an intermission, for a final total of six drinks by the time she was eliminated.

One rule in the game: No puking.

  • bsimon

    I’m starting to wonder how much of the ‘news of the weird’ makes it into news cut solely for the sake of inclusion in the Friday quiz.

  • Bob Collins

    Nah, this baby makes News Cut entirely on the strength of its metaphorical ability.