A moment of BLIS

I can’t really find a connection between these items, so let’s just call this, Bob’s List of Interesting Stories — or BLIS, if you want to sound like an insider.

Call for delay to biofuels policy — Over on this side of the Atlantic, we’re using our food now — corn — to make the fuel to run our cars. Proponents says it’ll clear the air and make us less dependent on oil. Opponents say the price of food is going through the roof because of it and the environment is damaged. In the UK, some are suggesting a novel alternative to the Minnesota approach: Find out which is correct and then come up with a policy.

Finally! A Nearly Foolproof Circumcision — At the risk of sounding like a late-night informercial : AccuCirc, as its called, in an answer to botched circumcisions, at a time, we’re told, when demand for the procedure has surged among African men.

Changing the White Face of the Green Movement — Saving the planet isn’t just for white dudes anymore. Or is it?