At the scene of the crime


This is the money shot from today’s press conference at which Elliot Spitzer acknowledged he failed to live up to his own standards, what with being linked to a prostitution ring and all.

The photo, taken by Timothy Clark of AFP/Getty Images, is one to look at for an extended period of time and it practically forces you to want to ask the guy, “was it worth it?”

Don’t look at his expression; look at hers. Him? That’s a well-rehearsed expression, as the following photos appear to show.



There’ll be a fair amount of chortling and some talk about the damage to a rising political star.

But this is the damage that one (or more, who knows?) act of stupidity for any married man can do:


  • G-man

    Her face pretty much says it all.

  • MR

    He made his bed, now he has to lie in it.

  • Bob Collins

    No question he’s getting what he deserved.

    But what did his wife and daughters do to deserve this?

    The sad part, of course, is this happens to spouses and children across America every day.

  • Cynthia

    If he had worked in his professional life to legalize prostitution, this should have been a private matter to be worked out between him and his wife, as many, many married couples do. But, he chose to pose as a reformer, holier than thou, and for his hypocrisy, he has lost all moral authority and should resign.

  • Karl Weltlander

    The trouble with passing judjment is the difficulty of ranking that which is worse below that which is just bad. The wife and children of Mr. Spitzer will surely suffer for his immoral and perhaps illegal behavior. But I am sure that what my spouse did to me twenty plus years ago was worse. Her behavior was not illegal and many would say not even immoral. After a ten year relationship and three children together, she simply realized that it was all a mistake, there had never been actual mutual love between us. The children will never be clear of the negatives which follow divorce. What is about to happen to Mr. Spitzer should have happened to my ex-spouse, but it didn´t. So I don´t think it should happen to Mr. spitzer either.