The buzz on the bees

It’s hard to keep up with all of the things we have to worry about. Bees probably aren’t on your list but for crops to produce food for the table, bees have pollinate the plants. The problem is they’re disappearing and nobody seems to know why.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” looked at the problem Sunday night in a piece updated from its original October airing, and included an interview with University of Minnesota bee expert Dr. Marla Spivak. “They’re stressed,” she said of the bees. “You know, they fly out, either there’s no enough food or it’s contaminated. And they come back in the nest and the nest is contaminated with diseases or mites and so their whole environment is not healthy, and they’re saying, ‘I can’t live here. It’s toxic.'”

If the die-off/disappearance continues, Spivak said, “we won’t have the quality or quantity of fruits and vegetables, and this can mean higher prices at the grocery store, and it’ll hit the public directly.”

Back in 2004, National Geographic said some fruits and vegetables could actually disappear.

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