The farmers’ message

What’s wrong with interest groups funding research? This.

A couple of agriculture groups has suspended grants to the University of Minnesota because of studies (plural) from the U that biofuels may contribute to global warming.

Bev Durgan, dean of University Extension, says “this is not about telling a researcher what they can or cannot do, this is talking about all the issues around renewable energy, around environment, what they are now and what they are going to be. This is all about having that academic conversation.”

  • c

    Sheesh-it seems to me that just about anything from growing crops for biofuels, emissions from cow pies to eating a bean burrito is going to add to the global warming warning. I LIKE that we are being PROACTIVE in RESEARCH so that 50 to 100 years down the road we are not freaking out about all that damage that we didn’t expect from our biofuel efforts.

    Perhaps the best idea then would be to cut out carbon where possible….such as the super size SUV”S (just plain ole’ outlaw making them)the rednecks will just have to settle with a hybid with big wheels. Flight travel/shipping could easily be reduced(buy local think global).

  • GregS

    I can see where they would be irritated. There are a fairly large number of studies that come out every year that are primarily political and ideological studies.

    The thing I find most interesting are studies that are withheld because of politcs and ideology. For examply Robert Putnam, author of “Bowling Alone”, found that the more diverse a community was, the lower the trust, the lower the level of political and community participation.

    He held the study back because of fear of popular and academic reaction. He developed his data-set in 2001 and held onto it until 2007.

    In an inteview with The Financial Times he said he had delayed publishing the article until he could “develop proposals to compensate for the negative effects of diversity”

    That kind of thing makes a few soybean dollars look rather silly.