Smoke, fire, or neither?

Police in Moorhead have released a study that shows American Indians are stopped by police more often if the officers know the ethnicity beforehand

“American Indians over 30 are more likely to be stopped than any other ethnicity over 30,” study author Mark Hansel said in today’s edition of the Fargo Forum. “The reason for that is just not clear. It’s troubling in that it raises the possibility of profile stops, but it doesn’t prove it.”

The study, however, did not factor in the behavior of the driver nor the condition of the vehicle prior to the traffic stop. The study also involves a very small number of people, the study’s author acknowledges.

  • Jay

    Great post that seems to have gone unnoticed. Does anyone have information on racial profiling in Minnesota? I have heard that African Americans are 13 times more likely to be pulled over than their white counter parts. Now, Native Americans are likely to be pulled over based solely on their race. Admittedly, I am still new to the Twin Cities and am appauled that people are letting this happen. Is this a general problem here that people turn the other way? What can I do?