Slim margins at the Super Bowl

Sometimes we all need to stop and take a deep breath.

Thank goodness Kurt William Havelock did last Sunday. It’s what prevented a national tragedy. Havelock was pretty upset that the city of Tempe, Arizona denied him a liquor license, so he headed to the Super Bowl, with a rifle, 200 rounds of ammunition, and the intent to destroy his and many other peoples’ lives.

According to a manifesto he mailed to the media, he was going to shoot up Phoenix’s Desert Ridge Marketplace near Scottsdale, but that “scum and villainy” are in Scottsdale and that instead he would “shed the blood of the innocent.”

He got as far as a parking lot near the stadium, where pre-game parties were already underway. “He waited about a minute and decided he couldn’t do this,” FBI agent Philip Thorlin testified at a detention hearing for Havelock on Tuesday.

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