Santana’s agony

The Johan Santana don’t-hate-me-Minnesota tour has hit the Twin Cities sports departments and at least one area newspaper was only too happy to oblige in helping his rehabilitation from a case of itsallaboutthemoneyitis.

In this morning’s Star Tribune:

Santana has no hard feelings

For what? Because the Twins offered only $18.6 million a year for five years? Because his Minnesota employer wouldn’t guarantee that in 6 years, no matter how poorly he performed at work, he’d still (a) have a job and (b) get a raise? How’s that sit at your employer?

Said Santana, “I’ll be honest. I enjoyed playing for them for this part of my career. I had great moments and being in that clubhouse with the coaches and the teammates and everyone. It’s a beautiful city. Everywhere I went, people treated me nice and it was great.”

It must’ve been very difficult for the lad.

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