New media ethics

I’ve been late getting to this sooner. MPR and the Society of Professional Journalists are hosting a discussion on new media ethics.

According to the SPJ news release:

But how much do the traditional journalistic touchstones of vetting sources and fair and transparent reporting matter at a time when anyone with a cell phone can publish images instantly for the entire world to see?

I tend to disagree with the notion that there is a “traditional journalistic touchtone of …. transparent reporting” (while embracing the notion that fairness is certainly a goal), but we can talk about it in a couple of weeks.

Hope to see you there. Bring your questions and comments because I’ll run out of them early.

  • Bob, there’s only one way to get people out to this thing.

    You and I have to arm wrestle.

    That’s what the people want to see for their money! (The event is free, btw.)