New look for the Pioneer Press

press_new_design.jpgI have no design sense in any facet of life, but I know a new design when I see it and today the Pioneer Press moved the furniture around, presenting a new design.

I have to admit, I don’t get the point of putting some sort of time stamp on the top story that says “online at 5:28 p.m.” It must be some sort of tactic to compete with the Internet, but I pulled the paper at 11:15 this morning and to me that says, “here’s a 19-hour old story for you to read,” and is that something you want to promote?

Fortunately, there is, a place where people who design things for newspapers hang out. They’re just getting around to analyzing the thing, although the conversation is sluggish.

Not so at the PiPress Web site where the customers are weighing in.

  • It does seem strange that they’d promote just how old their top story is by the time it gets to your doorstep.