Heading to the future


That thing up there, called Epic Emotiv Neuroheadset, is probably going to change a few lives which, until now, have relied on keyboards and joysticks to be involved in the gaming world.

As the BBC reports, it’s a headset that will measure electrical activity in your brain and transmit it directly to the game.

Emotiv is going to sell this thing for about $300.

One can easily see this as a solution to a number of problems, including more applications for those who’ve lost the ability to speak, but not think. It also may mark the beginning of the day when we go into meetings, put these things on, and then participate in some sort of virtual communication.

The headset can read 30 different emotions, making it harder to be passive aggressive.

  • B2

    OMG! Wouldn’t it be spiffy if everyone had to wear one of these all the time and there was a little display across the front that indicated what was going on in there? How many hours would the world avoid absolute chaos? How long to break down civilization as we know it and replace it with something Dr. Who would have trouble dealing with!