Goodbye Dayton’s


I got the feeling when Marshall Field’s fell into the hands of Macy’s, that it was only a matter of time before the last vestige of a Minnesota company founded in 1902 was wiped away.

Today is that day.

The giant retailer announced it is consolidating its regional divisions. Gone will be Macy’s North, which employed about 950 people. When Dayton’s became Marshall Field’s which became Macy’s, the local “headquarters” remained in the form of Macy’s North. It was a small nod to the idea that Minneapolis still, somehow, mattered.

Though we can now put a final shovelful of dirt on the grave of a Minnesota retailer, many folks left the cemetery long ago.

  • Tanya

    Since when do people on the East Cost know what those of us in Minnesota like or want in a store. I worked at Dayton’s and the last time I checked with the few friends left at the Now Macy’s. They told me the place is Nothing like it was back then.

    I guess nothing stays the way we’d like. 🙁

  • bsimon

    Cycle of life.

    As Dayton’s slowly dwindled, Target slowly grew.

    What companies are starting / growing now that will replace Target, when the inevitable happens?

  • c

    Dayton’s downtown St. Paul always had a special home feeling to me. I used to shop there quite a bit, even sometimes just to wander. There was definitely a soothing atmosphere back then. When it became Marshallfields, I took on a part time job in the Men’s Dept. While I was there for about 2 years, it still had that same comforting feel as Dayton’s that came from the coworkers and the “regular” clientelle. Unfortuneately, since it has become Macy’s and I have gone back the feel is completely different.

    Perhaps too many botox injections.