Ghost town

Yes, I know, technically it’s two words, but it appears in Webster’s which makes it a legitimate destination for the news finger.

And so take a trip around news stories surrounding ghost town

In Austin, Minn., says a writer for the Rochester Post Bulletin, Oak Park “is becoming a ghost town.” The mall moved businesses out of the downtown, he says, and then big box retailers moved businesses out of the mall; the retail circle of life that’s repeated in many communities.

In Pine Island, Minn., the city’s population will grow by 5 times its current number if Elk Run is approved. The development along Highway 52 would include a biobusiness park, housing, stores and a healthy-living campus, school buildings, a sports complex, an amphitheater and a hotel. “I’m scared it’s going to make our town die,” said Carl Krause, owner of CJ Auto Sales, invoking the… well… you know. (Rochester Post Bulletin)

Gamers, a ghost town map has been unveiled for Halo 3.

In Somerville, Mass., “Ghost Town Planet” has opened at an art gallery. Artists envision the earth in a “transformation period” (as if we don’t know what that means). Pictures here.

Rolling Stone has just posted The Myth of the Surge. “Devastated by five years of clashes between American forces, Shiite militias, Sunni resistance groups and Al Qaeda, much of Dora is now a ghost town. This is what victory looks like in a once upscale neighborhood of Iraq: Lakes of mud and sewage fill the streets,” it says.

Time Magazine reports today the Ark of the Covenant is nowhere near Egypt. A real-life Indiana Jones says he’s traced it to a dusty museum shelf in Zimbabwe, by way of a ghost town in Egypt.

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