Find the falling satellite

I added this to the comments section on the post downstream figuring the odds of being hit by a falling satellite. But in case you didn’t see it:

If you want to see the satellite that is falling from orbit, I understand it’s a particularly impressive site in its low orbit.

If the clouds clear, St. Paulites can see it tonight (Sunday) at 5 seconds before 7 10 degrees above the SSW horizon to 27 degrees above the SSE horizon.

Tuesday may be the best chance as it goes directly overhead. At 6:46:57 p.m., look 10 degrees above the SW horizon. In about 3 1/2 minutes it descends 23 degrees above the NE horizon….with its highest point being pretty much directly overhead — 82 degrees above the NW horizon.

Update Mon 7:03 p.m.The Heaven’s Above site is giving different data now for Tuesday. I don’t know the exact reason for the changes but maybe the orbit is changing that much. It went a little to our East tonight (Monday) and should’ve split Orion’s Belt at 6:54, but, alas, there was a line of thin clouds and we didn’t see it at Casa Collins.

Update Tues. 3:42 p.m.Here’s a good account of how this shoot-down is supposed to work. Turns out there’s no warhead on the missile. Just good old fashion energy. I’ve seen a blog entry somewhere today that suggests tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the night, but I don’t think the orbit has decayed enough yet.

  • mikeA

    I thought I heard the govt’ is planning on shotting in down. Now that would be a sight.

  • Bob Collins

    Right, that’s what prompted the post that’s linked above.

  • Jes

    I wonder who will get the spectacular show of seeing this satellite get shot down. If we can see it just falling by, imagine seeing it get turned into space dust…that is if the military has good aim 😉

  • GregS

    I am worried. I fear for the safety of my loved ones, myself, my pets and my automobile.

    Some say the odds of being hit by a falling satelite are too high. I do not believe that because all too often the same people who assure me about the odds are also the same people who ask me to put a dollar in office pool for the $30 million dollar Lotto.

    Why be asked to pay, then be told not to fear when the odds are the same?

  • Bob Collins

    You know what they say, Greg, about the lottery being a tax on the…well… you know. (g)

    Still bumming about missing that satellite last night…