Covering the duck

A showdown is looming in the city of Ulen, Minn. Monika Spitzmiller, 41, will be at the City Council meeting tonight, to ask authorities to allow her pet duck, Houdini, to continue to live with her.

The city enacted a law that bans farm animals from living on property of less than 10 acres.

According to the Fargo Forum newspaper, Spitzmiller nursed the duck back to health, which helped her recover from her own unspecified trauma.

She says she’d rather move than give up the duck.

  • Sara

    Let the poor woman keep her duck. As long as she’s not raising them in her home and harboring dozens of ducks who cares? She seems to be a lonely woman who cares for her pet. If she’s not living in squalor and the duck poses no threat shouldn’t she be given an exemption to the rule?