A walk on the good side

Tuesday was a terrible day to be in the news business. With every story we delivered, we could feel you moving closer to the ledge.

So this morning, here’s a quick — very quick — sampling of things to bring you back.

The National Honor Society kids in Marshall had a blood drive. Rae Kupferschmidt’s funeral was scheduled, then the Lake Elmo woman (and wife of an aviation acquaintance of mine) woke up from her coma. A California artist promotes Kindness Week with a stop in Bemidji (reg. required for link). The kids appear to have gotten the message. A jogger in the Twin Cities saves a child from freezing to death. And, of course, Uno. I dare you to look at this pup and not feel better.

  • Heather S.

    Thanks for your efforts to make us feel a little better about humanity. And you’re right…Uno did make me feel better. Cheers!

  • Greg

    Thanks Bob, we needed that.

  • Minn whaler

    The coma story was great, but not if you think too long about it…

    the beagle.. love him, but glad he is not mine

    those dogs need to run and run and run and run and.. sigh… but gosh yes he’s beautiful.