A new Microsoft?

There was a blockbuster story today and it doesn’t involve affairs with lobbyists. You can follow that story in a million places. Microsoft, the company that practically invented the industrial bunker mentality, announced it was opening up some of its programs to encourage developers to build add-ons.

Call it Microsoft 2008.

According to Reuter’s

Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, who called the financial impact from Thursday’s shift “relatively minimal,” acknowledged that Microsoft may lose some market share as a result of these policies, but said what is good for customers will ultimately be good for the company.

Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft?

Forrester Research analyst John Rymer, quoted on CNet said…

“When you rip this all apart, what we’re seeing is Microsoft responding to market demand, to be more open and play better with others.”

I’ll be seeking out Jon Gordon first thing in the morning.

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