What’s your story?

Now that we’ve got News Cut’s maiden voyage just about finished, it’s time to tell the story that usually doesn’t get told: the one about you.

So consider this your invitation to think about those people you know and those stories you know — the ones where you say to yourself, “you know, this (person/problem/success story) deserves some attention.”

But here’s the thing: Think about people who do interesting things as a matter of everyday life, as opposed to the big philosophical debates that normally dominate news. I have nothing against them, but for the most part they’re getting their due.

As an example, consider the Three Minute Tales concept I tested last month. These are stories that are somewhat related to the day’s news, but they’re not by themselves the day’s news. Simple concept, eh?

I’ll go anywhere, and talk to anybody who you find interesting. Ready? Go!

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