Tales from the Badger State

Wisconsin, sometimes you make it too easy.

Lt. Shawn Haney, a 21-year veteran of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, has been fired for releasing the particulars on a September underage drinking party attended by Waunakee High School football players.

Two weeks before the state quarterfinals, Haney gave the documents to the school district, expecting some disciplinary action to be taken before the football game.

Guess what football team Haney’s son played on? The team that was to play — and would defeat — Waunakee.

“Honest to God, everybody has to step back and take a deep breath,” said Haney’s lawyer, Lester Pines. “We’re talking about high school football here. I mean, really, come on. This seems so small-town to me.”

  • flashmcduff


    Meh…Waunakee (pron. wonn-ah-KEY, Bob) used to win all the time anyway.

  • c

    Bob, why do washed up jocks keep their high school nicknames?

  • minn whaler

    Well, from the information I was given regarding the “culture” of Green Bay, this is part of the culture of Wisconsin. Drinking and football are so entrenched

    there is no cure. It isn’t small town for football players or fans to drink, it is the culture.. hmmm