Sink it. Drink it.


The sad reality of binge drinking on college campuses — aside from the fact it leaves some kids dead — is that few people realize the extent to which they’re encouraged to drink themselves to death.

BPONG.Com, is lauding a successful, it says, World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas. It was sponsored by Southern Wine and Spirits, which claims to be the nation’s largest liquor distributor, and also advises people to drink responsibility. (Neither nor Southern Wine and Spirits has yet granted my request for an interview on the subject.)

Beer Pong (known in some quarters as “Beirut”), may be the single biggest reason that binge drinking has become even more popular on the nation’s college campuses.

Here are the rules, according to a Web site called BJ’s Beer Pong, which is more than happy to sell you all the equipment you need, organize tournaments, even sign you up as an official Beer Pong salesperson:

1. On a table shorter than 8 feet your elbow may not pass the back edge of the table. On tables 8 feet long your shoulder may not pass the back edge of the table.

2. If both teams are new to the table players must shootout to see which team goes first. Players must shoot at the same time while looking into the eyes of their opponent. Challengers always shoot second.

3. Reorganize cups at 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 for an easier, faster game. Reorganize cups at 6 and 3 for a more challenging game. Another option is allow two re-racks per side at any point during the game, except mid-turn.

4. Cups may only be reorganized at the beginning of your turn. It is your responsibility to ask for a re-rack, your opponent does not have to re-rack unless you remember to request one.

5. Distracting your opponent is allowed as long as you are not obstructing your opponent’s ability to see the cups.

6. If you and your teammate make both your shots consecutively you get both the balls back and you get to shoot again.

7. Teammates alternate drinking cups as they are made.

8. Bounce shots: if a ball goes directly from a player’s hand to the table top and then into a cup it counts for 2 cups. If a bounce shot is attempted the defending team may grab or swat the ball out of the air before it reaches the cups. (pay attention)

9. If a ball drops in your cup for any reason the cup must be drunk and removed (this does not count if it was dropped in by a non-player, unless that person was giving a guest shot).

10. Once a ball bounces off anything (i.e. the beer pong table, rim of a cup, your forehead) you may grab it before it falls into a cup.

11. If you knock over a cup it is lost.

12. If you touch a ball in the air before it bounces or crosses the edge of the table you must remove and drink 2 cups.

13. Only girls can blow. If a ball is spinning around inside a cup girls can blow in the cup to try and get the ball out. However, if a ball is blown on in one cup, and then that ball goes into another cup, both cups must be drunk.

14. Last cup policy: if your opponent makes his shot into your last cup, you and your teammate have the opportunity to rebut. This means you and your opponent get one last chance to shoot till you miss. If you can make all you the remaining cups without missing both teams return to 3 cups.

15. If there are only 2 cups remaining and both are made consecutively in the same turn there is no rebuttal. If there is only one cup remaining and both teammates make their shots into that cup in the same turn the game is over.

16. No fist fighting (Fist fighting results in disqualifications).

17. All disputes will be settled by management / the house.

If you don’t have the full Beer Pong equipment, you can always play online.

And make sure you start every game with the national Beer Pong anthem (note: parental discretion advised).

There’s a ranking system for Beer Pong players, and a Minnesotan occupies the #4 spot, according to the Web site, Challenge the Champ.

Joe (Potter) Moser – One of four to beat the Champ. Explosive player who loves pressure. Not much competition in Minnesota, will living in the North Star State send his game south? Maintained his TT status over HC with a great win over the Mouth, crushed shortly thereafter by the Champ.

Binge drinking is more ingrained in the target audience more than anyone could possible have imagined.

Are you a Beer Pong player? I want to talk to you.

Update: More information on the brains behind Beer Pong here.

  • Greg Schiller

    I did a little reading on the subject last night. See National Survey on Drug Use & Health

    It appears the problem — is a college problem.

    The report breaks down the age and education level of “binge drinkers”.

    45% of 21-25 year old binge drink. That number drops to 30% by age 30 and 25% by age 40. Clearly college age kids drink the most (no surprise there)

    However, (and here is the telling number), Full-time college students engaged in binge drinking more often than their peer who were not in college.

    Clearly, we have fostered a “toxic culture” within our college systems that is not present outside the system.

  • mikeA

    Yes, beer pong is very popular these days. Have a look

    “Tippy-cup” or “Flip-cup” ( is another drinking game that seems to be very popular as well….. But beer BONGS have been around for a looooong time. I doubt any more alcohol is being consumed now than has been in the past.

  • The Champ

    “Beer Pong may be the single biggest reason that binge drinking has become even more popular on the nation’s college campuses.”

    Can I sum it up like this?: Binge drinkers drink and die. Beer pong players drink. Beer pong leads to binge drinkers. Beer pong = death. That’s some really solid analysis.

    Do you even have any evidence suggesting binge drinking has become MORE popular? Much less any evidence linking it to beer pong?

    Thanks for the shoutout to my boy Joe.