School’s out

When last we talked politics — we try not to talk politics too much on News Cut — the voters of New Hampshire had just schooled big media on the problem of polls, and big media even sounded slightly disturbed, with faint promises to change.

So how’s that going as we start another campaign week?

Not so good.

New Gallup/USA Today Poll: Hillary, McCain Lead Nationally — Obama in Trouble?

McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton (reg. required)

Fluidity in G.O.P. Race; Democrats Eye Electability

Poll: 4-way GOP “dead heat” led by McCain; Hillary trounces Obama (Florida)

And that’s just today.

I suppose it’s too obvious to point out, by the way, that national polls don’t mean much when we use the electoral system to elect presidents. But, if you’re going to be enthralled by polls — and, face it political wonks, you are — then this is the best site to use to satisfy your electoral urges.

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